Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Executive Administrative resume - Useful guidelines

Good examples of resumes shared here.

Your resume should be very impressive.

So that it can help you to pass in interview.

Every organization has some employees that perform support activities. These support activities are essential for timely completion of the organizational goals. The activities might be as simple as getting the reports printed and placed in the required order, timely delivery of documents, etc. However, these simple tasks add much to the time taken to complete a task. Therefore, the organization appoints a person who is responsible for timely completion of activities. The person appointed for these support activities is known as the ‘Administrative Assistant’ or the ‘Executive Administrative Assistant’. He/she is responsible for overseeing and getting the support activities accomplished in time, so that further activities are not delayed. The Executive Administrator Resume should possess all the details as per the job description provided by the employer.

Like every job profile, this job profile also has some specific requirements. Knowing these requirements will help you write a perfect resume for your job profile. To help you with it, we have listed a few requirements in terms of education and skills below:

• An Administrative Executive must be a high school graduate to work with small-scale organizations and a Graduate to work with medium sized or large-scale organizations

• He/she must be fluent in oral and written communication of the business language

• He/she has to be multitasking and be able to work independently

• Should be able to manage and set priorities

• Keep a tab on the requirements and make sure everything is available on time

• Work in cooperation and coordination

When the employer screens the resumes, he checks for the skills and experience in the resumes. These are a sort of ‘keywords’ that will be highlighted in your resume, when the employer searches or screens resumes. To write a perfect resume, you must include such keywords.

The other important point is that you need to mention your job responsibilities perfectly. Using bullet points to highlight your job responsibilities is a good idea. In this way, you can write all the job responsibilities, and still not make your resume look clumsy or illegible.

There are some basic points that help you write a good resume. These points are in general for every professional resume and should be followed while resume writing. These are:

• Avoid long sentences and big paragraphs

• Use one font throughout

• Keep the font size 12, and use bullets and bold to highlight some points

• Fancy points and Italics is not acceptable

• Fancy page borders and colored text is also not acceptable in professional resumes

Refer to these instructions and some Executive Administrator Resume samples to write an effective resume.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to write a winning resume?

When you see your friends getting interview calls from good companies, it might strike you that why did you not get the call. You and your friend have the same qualification, same experience, still he gets better job opportunities. It is then that you start thinking where are you lacking. You might be equally good in terms of qualification or job, but there is one thing that might differentiate you from your friend. It is your ‘Resume’. A well written resume conveys the right information about you to the employer. There are many example resumes available online, which help you to get an idea of the latest styles of resume.

Writing a resume is no rocket science but it is not child’s play either. It is the document that decides your career. A strong resume might get you your dream job and vice versa. Thus, to write a resume, you need to put in a little time, efforts, thought process and research. Research is in terms of going through resume examples, and also downloading some free examples of a resume that you can refer to. Collect a bunch of examples, and then carefully go through these different styles of resume.

Besides this, here are some hard and fast rules you need to follow, if you wish to write a winning curriculum vitae (CV) for yourself.

Tips to write a good winning resume/CV:

The beginning lines of your CV that speak about your career objective and you in short, will help the employer to decide whether he/she should read further, or just move on to the next one. The tips given below will prove helpful to you, to write a winning CV.

Personal contact details:

Many times, you lose an opportunity because, you changed your cell number, or the email id you mentioned on your CV is incorrect. Always remember that the employer has many options to choose from. If the employer likes your CV and wishes to have a word with you or call you for an interview, your name, contact number and email address should be clearly visible to him. If he fails to see it, or if he tries to call you and the number is incorrect or unreachable, he will not bother to try again and will look at other options. Your cover letter and your resume, both should have your correct and updated contact details.


The language used in your resume should be simple. There should be no grammatical mistake and spelling errors. Also, speaking in first person leaves a good impression on the reader

Bullets and Paragraphs:

Mention the details in small paragraphs. Use bullets to increase the readability. Do not write very long paragraphs.

Honest and not Vague:

The employer questions in an interview are  based on your CV. Presenting any vague or incorrect information will land you in trouble.


Proofread your CV and get it checked from someone else as well, to avoid any mistakes. Take a print on a good quality paper and sign your resume.

These tips and example resumes you refer to, will help you write a winning resume for yourself.