Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What is an occupational resume?

Free resume tips are shared here, which will very helpful to you.

Resumes have many synonyms. Some people call it curriculum vitae, some call it a vocational resume, some others call it a profile, and some others say it’s an occupational resume. Names would be different, but the purpose of this document remains the same. It is drafted to present your academic, professional and personal details to the prospective employer. There are different examples of good resumes available on the net.

Usually, resumes have different sections. Career objectives, career summary, educational background, work experience, hobbies and interests, etc. However, when one says ‘occupational resumes’ and stresses on the word, you do not need to get confused. In this case, you have to present your resume, but the only difference is that your resume should stress more on your work experience. You can exclude personal details like hobbies and interests, and even academic achievements. The emphasis should be on your professional background. The recruiter might not be interested in knowing much about your personal or academic background. Thus, provide him/her the information that he/she needs.

The habit of sending customized resumes for every job that you apply, helps increasing the relevancy of your job application. If you cater to the employer’s requirements via your resume, he/she would be interested in reviewing your resume thoroughly. Reading the job requirements given by the employer, the company overview, and the plans of the company will help you present yourself as a potential asset to the organization. Thus, when the employer uses specific words, try to understand what he/she says, and draft your resume accordingly. You do not have to work much in sending customized resumes. The data won’t change much, but the order of the data, and the way it is put forth (in terms of preference), makes your resume a customized resume.

Next time when you apply for a job, do not just blindly send your resume. Read the job advertisement carefully, understand the organization’s requirements, and then try to cater to the same with your resume. To make it more effective, also write a resume cover letter, which will boost the resume further.

There are different types of resumes are comes under occupational section, which are given below -
  1.     Teacher Resume
  2.     Nursing Resume
  3.     Civil Engineer Resume
  4.     Customer Service Resume
  5.     Carpenter Resume
  6.     Sales Resume
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dental Assistant Resume

Here you will get resume samples for dental assistant, which will help you a lot to write your own resume for dental assistant.

Dental Assistants are people who work under the supervision of the main Dentist. They handle all the procedures of dentistry and help the supervisor dentist in providing the required equipment, preparing the patient, and sometimes even carrying out dental procedures. Such procedures include removing sutures, x-ray procedures and making oral impressions. Although, the role of a Dental Assistant may seem to be small, the job responsibilities are huge, and such people have to be on their toes every time at the time of executing their duties. Therefore, when drafting a resume for a Dental Assistant position, the applicant must mention duties and responsibilities pertaining to dentistry only. Apart from carrying out certain duties, Dental Assistants also have to follow procedures of hygiene and safeguarding themselves from health issues.

Best writing tips with sample resumes for dental assistants -

• A dental resume can follow the regular resume writing format. For any resume the beginning has to include the basic contact information of the client. This may contain; name, address, phone numbers, email address, marital status etc.

• The career objective comes next and this is not compulsory. This is just a one of two liner statement asking the applicant to describe the job position in his or her own words. The objective should show sincerity, and should not be boastful.

• The next section is that which mentions career experiences of the applicant. This includes the description of all the jobs that an applicant has done before. The accomplishments and achievements from the previous jobs should concentrate on things related to dentistry only. This will help the employer know what he or she is actually looking for in the applicant. Now, those applicants who have not worked under professional job environments can mention details of their voluntary work, internships programs and emphasize on the kind of work that was being done by them. They can mention the learning and observations that they could make during such works. Sometimes, applicants who are qualified as dentists may not have worked in jobs related to their fields. In such cases, they should mention the opportunities that made them develop their skills as Dentists.

• Then comes the educational part of the applicant, and this should be mentioned in the right chronological order.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Importance of Action Verbs in a Resume

Writing a resume is not a difficult task. However, it is not child’s play. Not all resumes make it to the interview round. Many resumes go directly into the trash bin within 10 seconds of its encounter with the recruiter. Thus, knowing what the content of the resume should be, what makes your resume effective and how to put forth responsibilities and skills effectively using resume action verbs is very important to write an effective resume. Most of the queries regarding resume content and templates are clarified by reading format for a resume available online.

However, resume action verbs is something that we would like to discuss here in brief.

You have a list of skills, work responsibilities, etc., that you would want the employer to know. Before speaking more on this, read the sentences given below.

1 - Point

‘I am working as an Asst. Manager, and am responsible for managing my team, achieving sales target for my team, and planning and motivating for further improvement.’

2 - Point

    Responsible for team management
    Responsible for achieving team targets
    Planning the course of action
    Motivating team members for better performance

Which statement do you think is better? – 1st or the 2nd statement.

In the second example, the applicant puts forth his/her work responsibilities in a way that it quickly highlights the applicant’s contribution in the organization. The second example is written using action verbs.

Action verbs denote a particular activity. It is very simple to present the details using action verbs. In the first statement, the main verbs are ‘managing’, ‘planning’, ‘motivating’ etc. Beginning the sentence with these verbs denotes a particular action completed by you, or performed by you. Moreover, it makes the information more presentable and legible. It quickly highlights the responsibilities, which is difficult to highlight, as give in statement-1 above.

Next time when you write your resume, make sure that you make maximum use of action verbs to present your skills and responsibilities, and succeed in your attempt of presenting the right information in the right way, to the employer.

Like these way you can make any situational and occupational resume examples and resume cover letter.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Accountant Resume - Informative Resume Writing Tips for Accountant

If you are planning to apply for an accountant job, it is mandatory to have a suitable accountant resume ready, in hand before hand. This will not only save crucial time spent in drafting the resume at the last moment, but will also give you additional time to prepare for other activities.

Instead of wasting time on searching for example resume on the web, you can utilize it for preparing for interview related activities such as self introduction, certificates to be carried, selecting and preparing the formal attire to be worn for the interview, and preparing for expected questions like company profile, job description etc.

Thus, if you have the Accountant Resume ready in advance, you would be better prepared for the interview. You only have to make necessary changes so as the resume best meets the job requirements. The tips given below will help you design a professional accountant resume, and then customizing it to match the job profile for optimal efficacy.

Tips for designing accountant resume

1. Select the format which is formal and acceptable as per the prevailing industrial trends

2. Design the objective so that it explains your job expectations in a professional manner, with utmost precision and concision

3. Include the education and work experience in the appropriate order, depending upon your total experience. If you have more experience, the educational details can be included after experience details

4. In case of extensive experience background, include skill summary at the beginning, after the objective, for a brief presentation

5. Follow a systematic pattern throughout the resume; for example a uniform chronological order

6. Use similar formatting such as bullets and numbering, space, titles and sub titles etc. Ideally Times New Roman or Arial font is recommended, with font size of 12. For titles, font 14 may be used.

7. The name can be highlighted to stand out from the rest

8. It must include the contact details at the top for quick access

9. Always use a suitable title for your resume, if sending by email

10. Use of fancy email id is not recommended. Selecta simple email id such as your name

11. Do not include your photograph in the resume unless asked for, or only if applying for a job profile requiring personal appearance

12. Do include your key skills and highlight them; for example, knowledge of Tally etc.

13. If you have any awards or accomplishments to be shared, mention them after the experience and education qualifications

14. Revise your resume for any errors

These tips can be incorporated in the Accountant resume example for drafting an influential resume. It is advisable to send the resume along with a cover letter for better presentation of the details. For cover letter, you may refer to the resume cover letter examples on the web, and then customize them suitably.

In all, a self drafted personalized accountant resume stands a better chance of winning you the desired job as compared to others. This tips can also help you to write a tax accountant resume.