Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Looking For a Winning Receptionist Resume Preview

That's a smart choice! Your investment in creating a proficient resume will surely benefit you with the receptionist job of your dreams. The resume is your true key to success in your vocational life. Coming out as an expert advertisement instrument, this official document, when crafted appropriately, can work wonders for you. Apart from efficaciously demonstrating your skills, achievements, and other important credentials, this powerful, interview winning tool does whatever it takes to put a remarkable impression before the employer. 
Well, if you ask the question – What does it take to come up with such kind of a receptionist resume? Then, the answer would be being precise and knowledgeable about the job profile.

Besides, you need to follow a few significant steps in order to produce a job winning receptionist resume:

Proper Formatting:

Formatting is the first most important thing you should consider while drafting any type of resume. Black font against a white paper is the best option! It is mostly recommended to use Microsoft Word to compose a resume. The font size should always be 12 for the regular text while for the sub-headings 14 is appropriate. Your name should be at the top in bold with font size as 16.

Exploring and Organizing:

Special proficiencies, extraordinary accomplishments, unique hobbies, professional affiliations, community connections, volunteering experience, etc., should be related to the profile you are aiming for. Before your start filling up the 'Skills', 'Awards & Achievements', and 'Interests & Hobbies' sections, you need to do some brainstorming and then organize them through thorough sorting of the same. Moreover, your resume should depict an eye for detail to choose only those credentials which could make you stand out from the crowd.


BSR explains that a resume summary is altogether different from the objective statement. The summary is a concise listing of the crucial highlights of your profile which would give a chance for the recruiter to draw a conclusion about you within a glance. Note that your summary should go ahead of the career objective section.

Apart from these three momentous steps, you need to ensure that there is a precise and appropriate mention of your qualifications, work history, references, and other sections in your resume. Since you're applying for a receptionist profile, your resume should be welcoming with professional communication skills and not something which would put off the mood of the reader or raise questions about your suitability for the job.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Resume Writing Guidelines for Sales Retail Resume

Retail sales are a part of modern marketing, wherein people can avail of a number of facilities under one roof. This modern concept of marketing enables people to buy things with wholesale rates, and that too under a single roof. As a result, shopping has become easier for those who plan their monthly expenses. Jobs in this field too are interesting, and demands people to be acquainted with the qualities of marketing. The resume for sales retail should feature all these things. 

Given below are guidelines for writing a sales resume example, these are:

For any marketing resume, the objective holds a lot of importance. This statement if, powerful and impressive portrays the right attitude of the applicant towards the job. 

Next, comes the section that mentions the educational details of the candidate. An applicant who specializes in marketing becomes a preferred candidate for such a job. A degree in marketing or such related field is considered an added aspect for retail sales. The educational details should begin with information about school, college, university and other advanced degrees. The flow here is important. If, the person is in the process of taking up any other degree, that too can be added here. 

The most important part of the resume is the professional experience section. For a retail sales resume this section is important as it turns out to be an added advantage for taking up such a job. The skills and accomplishments which a person has obtained in the previous jobs can be applied to the retail sales job. The applicant can emphasize on the accomplishments, and relate them to the retail sales job requirement. 
If the applicant has worked in a few companies the chronological order should mention the oldest company first, and the recent one last. Against every company, the candidate should mention the duties and responsibilities that were being handled by him or her. These should be mentioned in the lines of skills required for retail sales. 

To add more to the resume, the applicant can mention names of references for the employers to contact, or these can be made available upon request, can be mentioned for the same.
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Importance to Write a Nursing Resume

Resume writing is not an easy job for a student. It needs a lot of homework in order to make it impressive and job winning. It is a critical task, and people often get confused while writing a resume. You need to know the basic resume format and style of writing a good and effective resume, which would serve your purpose. Resume is the first impression a student has on the prospective employer. This is the tool which helps an employer to decide whether he should call you for an interview. An employer evaluates you on the basis of your resume, and then calls you for an interview.

A nursing student resume is written by the candidates who belong to the medical background. Such candidates should have all the skills that are required for a job in the nursing field. So, while writing your resume for the nursing field, mention all your talents and skills in the resume. Go through the job advertisements carefully, and try to understand the job profile. The better you understand your job profile; the better will be your example of resume.

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