Monday, 20 February 2012

Clerical Resume - Resume Writing Guidelines

A Clerical Resume is required to apply for such posts of a clerk, in a government office or a private company. This resume is your first introduction to the company, and the person who reads it gets a good insight into who you are and what your capabilities are. Based on such factors, like your experience and expertise, he decides whether to offer you the job or not. A resume, therefore has to cover some important points about one’s career. These are as follows:

Your Skills and Responsibilities:

Being a clerk at an office requires a lot of concentration that is to be put in carefully going through the daily paperwork. This paperwork includes things like:
  •     Correspondence work that is to be managed by the employee. There are a lot of official papers going in and out, from one desk to another. Managing these papers and ensuring that they reach the right table, in the right order, is imperative for a smooth flow of information in the office. Also, this includes a lot of letter posts/ emails from various other offices; these can be business proposals or letters requesting meetings, appointments, and other job applications.
  •     Calendar keeping is another important aspect here. A clerk has to keep track of all the meetings and events of a month. He has to duly inform the officials about their meetings on a day-to-day basis. While doing so, he also has to ensure that no two meetings clash with one another on the same day and at the same time.
  •     He has to maintain well-organized records of all office work. Whenever he is asked to retrieve a records file, he shall be able to do it smoothly, without any hassle.

Work Experience:
A person applying for clerical position must be equipped with good experience. He should duly mention this in the Work Experience section of the sample clerical resume; clearly stating his company’s name and the post and department where he served, along with the duration of his employment there. Under the name and post, he should, in short bullet points, mention the nature of his duties, not to forget any important project or work that he did there.

Educational Qualifications
For a clerk, the educational qualifications vary with the kind of field he is in. For e.g., for a clerk in a law firm, his minimum qualification must be that of a law school graduate. Lawyers and judges prefer law students with experience in moot court during their college days.

These points, along with brief sections regarding your achievements, affiliations and references need to be put in writing by you in the resume. Do remember to research about the job and the company before writing the administrative clerical resume; doing this gives you a better understanding about the company and the intricacies involved in the job, which will help you in writing in a suitable style, thus matching it to the recruiter’s expectations.

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