Monday, 12 September 2011

Insurance Manager Resume

Insurance is required by every individual in life, in some form or the other. In order to make arrangements during the events of emergency, insurance serves as an important source of financial assistance, and ultimately provides mental peace too. Dealing in insurance requires trust, and a person who wishes to enter into this field has to have public contacts and enough communication skills to market the policies that are best suited to the borrowers.

Apart from the responsibilities of selling the policies to the potential clients, the insurance manager is also responsible for handling other duties such as handling staff responsibilities and seeking ways for meeting the targets too.

Tips for drafting an Insurance Manager Resume:

Working at the position of an Insurance Manager though interesting, is also quite challenging, the applicant has to handle multi tasking and conduct sales too. There are certain tips which have to be followed while drafting a resume, these are given below:

    Personal information: The applicant should start a resume with the personal details of the applicant such as name, address, telephone number and email id. These details should be correct, and at the same time authentic too. The reason behind this being that future correspondence depends heavily on the personal details.

    Objective statement: The applicant willing to send a resume for the post of Insurance Manager has to bear a clear objective in mind regarding such a job. The objective statement should mention in clear yet simple language, as to what the candidate wishes to apply for.

    Competencies: Competencies are capacities of people to handle complex tasks and challenges. The section mentioning the competencies can include the skills and qualities which were displayed by the person at the time of various jobs. It can also mention the extra knowledge that the applicant holds, and which can be applied to any future job. Competencies help the employer know the applicant’s ability to take up such a job. Competencies can be mentioned in bulleted points.

    Job Experience: This part of the resume includes the professional experience of the applicant. The professional experience of the applicant should start with the recent company of organization, and then continue likewise. This section should include the name of the company, and the tenure for which the applicant was working there. The designation and the job responsibilities should come in the right chronological order, and must be in bulleted points.

Whatever is mentioned on the resume should be correct and in the right language, without any space for errors. Professional resume templates and sample resumes for insurance manager position shared here.

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