Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Accountant Resume - Informative Resume Writing Tips for Accountant

If you are planning to apply for an accountant job, it is mandatory to have a suitable accountant resume ready, in hand before hand. This will not only save crucial time spent in drafting the resume at the last moment, but will also give you additional time to prepare for other activities.

Instead of wasting time on searching for example resume on the web, you can utilize it for preparing for interview related activities such as self introduction, certificates to be carried, selecting and preparing the formal attire to be worn for the interview, and preparing for expected questions like company profile, job description etc.

Thus, if you have the Accountant Resume ready in advance, you would be better prepared for the interview. You only have to make necessary changes so as the resume best meets the job requirements. The tips given below will help you design a professional accountant resume, and then customizing it to match the job profile for optimal efficacy.

Tips for designing accountant resume

1. Select the format which is formal and acceptable as per the prevailing industrial trends

2. Design the objective so that it explains your job expectations in a professional manner, with utmost precision and concision

3. Include the education and work experience in the appropriate order, depending upon your total experience. If you have more experience, the educational details can be included after experience details

4. In case of extensive experience background, include skill summary at the beginning, after the objective, for a brief presentation

5. Follow a systematic pattern throughout the resume; for example a uniform chronological order

6. Use similar formatting such as bullets and numbering, space, titles and sub titles etc. Ideally Times New Roman or Arial font is recommended, with font size of 12. For titles, font 14 may be used.

7. The name can be highlighted to stand out from the rest

8. It must include the contact details at the top for quick access

9. Always use a suitable title for your resume, if sending by email

10. Use of fancy email id is not recommended. Selecta simple email id such as your name

11. Do not include your photograph in the resume unless asked for, or only if applying for a job profile requiring personal appearance

12. Do include your key skills and highlight them; for example, knowledge of Tally etc.

13. If you have any awards or accomplishments to be shared, mention them after the experience and education qualifications

14. Revise your resume for any errors

These tips can be incorporated in the Accountant resume example for drafting an influential resume. It is advisable to send the resume along with a cover letter for better presentation of the details. For cover letter, you may refer to the resume cover letter examples on the web, and then customize them suitably.

In all, a self drafted personalized accountant resume stands a better chance of winning you the desired job as compared to others. This tips can also help you to write a tax accountant resume.

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