Thursday, 24 November 2011

Importance of Action Verbs in a Resume

Writing a resume is not a difficult task. However, it is not child’s play. Not all resumes make it to the interview round. Many resumes go directly into the trash bin within 10 seconds of its encounter with the recruiter. Thus, knowing what the content of the resume should be, what makes your resume effective and how to put forth responsibilities and skills effectively using resume action verbs is very important to write an effective resume. Most of the queries regarding resume content and templates are clarified by reading format for a resume available online.

However, resume action verbs is something that we would like to discuss here in brief.

You have a list of skills, work responsibilities, etc., that you would want the employer to know. Before speaking more on this, read the sentences given below.

1 - Point

‘I am working as an Asst. Manager, and am responsible for managing my team, achieving sales target for my team, and planning and motivating for further improvement.’

2 - Point

    Responsible for team management
    Responsible for achieving team targets
    Planning the course of action
    Motivating team members for better performance

Which statement do you think is better? – 1st or the 2nd statement.

In the second example, the applicant puts forth his/her work responsibilities in a way that it quickly highlights the applicant’s contribution in the organization. The second example is written using action verbs.

Action verbs denote a particular activity. It is very simple to present the details using action verbs. In the first statement, the main verbs are ‘managing’, ‘planning’, ‘motivating’ etc. Beginning the sentence with these verbs denotes a particular action completed by you, or performed by you. Moreover, it makes the information more presentable and legible. It quickly highlights the responsibilities, which is difficult to highlight, as give in statement-1 above.

Next time when you write your resume, make sure that you make maximum use of action verbs to present your skills and responsibilities, and succeed in your attempt of presenting the right information in the right way, to the employer.

Like these way you can make any situational and occupational resume examples and resume cover letter.

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  1. Emphasis has been given on importance of usage of action verbs in the resume which I think most of us were neglecting till now.

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