Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What is an occupational resume?

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Resumes have many synonyms. Some people call it curriculum vitae, some call it a vocational resume, some others call it a profile, and some others say it’s an occupational resume. Names would be different, but the purpose of this document remains the same. It is drafted to present your academic, professional and personal details to the prospective employer. There are different examples of good resumes available on the net.

Usually, resumes have different sections. Career objectives, career summary, educational background, work experience, hobbies and interests, etc. However, when one says ‘occupational resumes’ and stresses on the word, you do not need to get confused. In this case, you have to present your resume, but the only difference is that your resume should stress more on your work experience. You can exclude personal details like hobbies and interests, and even academic achievements. The emphasis should be on your professional background. The recruiter might not be interested in knowing much about your personal or academic background. Thus, provide him/her the information that he/she needs.

The habit of sending customized resumes for every job that you apply, helps increasing the relevancy of your job application. If you cater to the employer’s requirements via your resume, he/she would be interested in reviewing your resume thoroughly. Reading the job requirements given by the employer, the company overview, and the plans of the company will help you present yourself as a potential asset to the organization. Thus, when the employer uses specific words, try to understand what he/she says, and draft your resume accordingly. You do not have to work much in sending customized resumes. The data won’t change much, but the order of the data, and the way it is put forth (in terms of preference), makes your resume a customized resume.

Next time when you apply for a job, do not just blindly send your resume. Read the job advertisement carefully, understand the organization’s requirements, and then try to cater to the same with your resume. To make it more effective, also write a resume cover letter, which will boost the resume further.

There are different types of resumes are comes under occupational section, which are given below -
  1.     Teacher Resume
  2.     Nursing Resume
  3.     Civil Engineer Resume
  4.     Customer Service Resume
  5.     Carpenter Resume
  6.     Sales Resume
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