Monday, 23 January 2012

Handy and Functional Particulars to Write a Computer Resume

A computer resume is written by a computer engineer to apply for the post of programmer, engineer or technician in an IT company. The content that goes into writing a good computer resume includes a catchy, relevant objective statement, a good description of your past work, and while you are at it, don’t forget to mention some impressive work, and company names for whom you might have had worked in the past.

The Right Details:

The way to writing a good resume demands that you pay attention to small details, as they say- ‘the devil lies in small detail’. While writing the names of your previous employers, companies and designations, make sure that the names that you write have the correct spellings. Apart from the correct names and contact numbers, depending on the kind of post, the recruiter will be specifically looking for details regarding

• Your knowledge of different software

• All your certifications along with one copy of each certificate attached with the resume.

• Your skills on the latest versions of operating systems and software

• Level of your knowledge in programming languages

• What all useful IT applications can you use concerning the work at hand

• Technical knowledge regarding the workings of networks and protocols

• Your proficiency with various web applications

Mentioning references:

Many a times we see such resume examples that have the line ‘references available on request’ written in them. This becomes a bit repellent for the recruiter who, if he had been provided with the direct contact or email of the reference person, could have otherwise right away contacted them and checked about you. The use of the aforementioned line should be discouraged, rather email and/ phone number must be provided, for the ease of the recruiter. This will benefit you in getting the job.

Using the Right Industry Jargons

While writing the resume, you should make it a point to use relevant industry jargons so as to impress the recruiter and to make him know that you have a good knowledge of the industry-specific terminology. This is, especially, important when you are a fresher and applying for your first job. The recruiter, while going through your resume, usually looks for some specific terms/ words, the presence of which makes him believe in your knowledge.

Attaching the right documents

After finishing the resume, make sure that you attach all the certificates (work experience certificates, certificate of recognition, diploma and graduation certificates, etc) to your application about which you have mentioned in your resume.  One copy of each such certificate is a must. This acts as a documented proof, ensuring the recruiter of your education and experience.

Please refer to some examples of resumes before getting on with writing your own resume. This shall give you enough knowledge about the suitable flow and structure of the computer resume.

This page will also give you best guidelines on how to write a Computer Resume

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